LOCATION | Parramatta, NSW

PROJECT | Masterplan

STATUS | Competition

As Sydney continues to expand to the West, revitalisation is required of two under-utilised sites on opposite banks of the Parramatta River in what has become Sydney’s second CBD. Significant additional programme including residential, commercial, hospitality and a theatre is proposed to activate the site and provide economic viability to the development.

A large proportion of the programme is sunk below the terraced ground plane, allowing the ground plane to be reclaimed for public uses including the provision of parkland and outdoor seating areas services proposed waterfront cafes, restaurants and bars. The remainder of the program is configured into two towers (one residential and one commercial). One tower is located on each side of the river and each is tilted to response to its context. The tilted towers strongly engage with each other, the river, and the surrounding city.

A pair of pedestrian bridges grow out of the public open spaces, providing an intimate connection to the river while enhancing the connection between the two sites to unify the new precinct.